Condominium Documents

Secure and Simple

Our condo documents are available online to all owners, free of charge! We maintain access using an SSL secured, property management verified authentication system. To make the process even easier, this system is tied directly into our online parking registration database. If you have not yet registered with the property manager for full access, click here. If you have already signed up, just log in above.

Rutherford Village Condominium By-Laws

Looking for condo By-Laws? This document is public information and can be opened with the document link below.


With the collection of documents we have curated, our goals are simple: Aid in the sale of a unit by making available every document a current owner will need to provide a buyer (minus one-off documents that must be requested at the point of sale) and to cultivate a standard of transparency between condominium corporation and its residents that is above the norm. In many cases, you will find documents dating back far past the minimum time frame required to be given to a prospective purchaser. The board of directors want you to know that they are accountable to you, the owner.